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The Worm Man, a micro worm farm supplying the highest quality Dendrobaena worms for fishing bait, pet food and enriching gardens.

About The Worm Man

Following a career in the Army, Paul decided to explore a completely different vocation in life and he became ‘The Worm Man’.

He started from scratch by purchasing £20 worth of worms and studying how to generate a breeding environment.  He now has a micro worm farm in his garage and sells the highest quality Dendrobaena worms.

Enthused by how worms can benefit our environment, he not only sells them for the conventional markets of fishing bait and pet food, but he also supplies and builds bespoke hand built wormeries for those who want to produce their own nutrient rich worm castings.

Great service and results already. Purchased 2 bags of castings. Only used half a bag so far when planting a new plum tree last autumn & underplanted with tulips. Great display this spring, and the plum tree in bud.
Looking forward to using the rest of the worm castings in tubs for summer bedding.


Paul – Your worms are great. Hopefully I’ll catch another tonight.


The worm castings are great, my plants are amazing and one of my succulents is flowering and that never happens until summer.


2lb12oz Perch, caught on float fished worm over worm chop yesterday. Great fish! All on The Worm Man worms.


Worms for Fishing

Fishing Bait

Perfect for hooked or chopped bait and are considered by some anglers as one of the best baits available. More…

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Pet Food

Nutritious and very tasty. A brilliant supplement for the health of our pets. More…

The Worm Farm

Worm Castings

Nutrient rich, biologically active worm castings provide essential plant nutrients including iron. More…

The Worm Farm


Whether you’re a fisherman, pet owner, gardener or you just want to do your bit for the environment (by preventing your kitchen scraps going to landfill) a home wormery could be for you. More…