Presentations & Parties

Receive a worm experience to remember with an interactive bespoke presentation

The Worm Man regularly delivers  presentations to schools and groups providing a fun and engaging experience.

These presentations can be tailored for any audience from youngsters to the technical worm geeks who may want to know more about the micro biological benefits of worms.

The events come with a bespoke length power point presentation and then lots of ‘hands on’ experience handling worm cocoons (eggs), worms at their different stages of life and worm casting.

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Worm Composting Infographic

Schools & Group Learning 

Paul is happy to visit schools to deliver worm education in the form of presentation and a practical hands on experience.

This event has proved to be really successful and has been well received by pupils and teachers alike.

We share the knowledge using PowerPoint presentation, tailored for content and duration.  Then follows lots of ‘hands on’ experience handling worm cocoons (eggs), worms at their different stages of life and worm castings.

You’ll never look at a worm in the same way again.



Excellent Learning Opportunity – Key Points

How critically important worms are to the environment.

How worms re-cycle nutrients into the soil.

How worms can improve soil structure with drainage and aeration.

The fact that worms are hermaphrodites.


The fact that worms are hermaphrodites.

How worms can repair damaged and even contaminated soil.

How worms provide a vital food source for other creatures.

I have dropped into both schools this week and the team have asked me to pass on their thanks as your visits were fantastic!  The pitch for the children’s age was great and the children were very engaged – The year lead at Ad Astra was particularly grateful for how you worked with the high needs children who often benefit the most from this type of learning.

We will happily recommend you to others and would like to make you an annual fixture for this topic!

Thank you so much for working with us.

Trust Head of Curriculum and Standards

An enormous thank you from all the children and adults at AAPS!  You were AMAZING!  Everyone, young and old(er) thought you pitched the lessons perfectly with good information and enthusiasm for the children and excellent hands on experience for us all to get stuck in.

You’re amazing and thank you for the worms too!


Amesbury Archer Primary School

The Worm Man School Presentation

A Novel Party Idea

Perhaps consider the ‘Worm Man’ as a great blend of education and entertainment at your next child’s party. The kids will love learning about worms and getting hands on. This experience always proves to be a memorable one. More importantly, it will give you a well earnt 30 minute break!